All of the components that make up the solar power system are important, however the actual solar panels are the most significant.

Not only do they contribute towards most of the cost of the system, they are the main factors determining the performance our output of the system and also the more difficult parts to fix when problems are experienced.

TREAC supply a range of quality solar panels to offer client choices depending on their circumstances. We are able to source any panel on the market but our own testing and experience have lead us to select a specific range of panels that we believe offer the best combination of quality, value and performance.

A TREAC Solar Consultant can guide and assist you in selecting the best solar panel based on your specific requirements, performance needs and taking your budget into consideration. . Call us on 1300 533 564 for a hassle free, obligation free quote.


Solar Panel Assessment Criteria

Check to see if the panel is made by a first tier brand name Solar manufacturer. Be cautious if the company doing the installation are vague about the brand or do not specify the name of the brand they will be installing. Once you know the name, do a bit if research inline. A reputable brand will have a good online presence and you will be able to get information on the product.


Does the Solar panel manufacturer have a significant Australian presence?

Exercise caution with local suppliers that sell solar panels that are directly imported. If the retailer or reseller is no longer around, you will have little to no recourse if you experience any problems or malfunctions with your solar panels. Any warranties given will be of no value.

TREAC only source solar panels from companies that have a local presence and are invest in Australia. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you have additional protection and support should you experience any issues.


Has the Solar Panel demonstrated superior performance in Australian conditions?

TREAC conduct rigorous testing on all solar panels locally available. They are tested for performance and durability in our local conditions and we use only those performed exceptionally well in our testing.

We are satisfied that all the solar panels in our range that we sell, supply and install are the best performing and most durable panels available for our local conditions. We keep up to date with local and international trends and developments and our testing is ongoing. A TREAC Solar Consultant will guide you and assist you in selection the most suitable solar panels accommodate your budget, environment and system performance needs.

Call us on 1300 533 564 and we will come out and give you a hassle free, obligation free quote.



A common misconception is that all solar panels are the same. This is simply not the case and there is a huge difference in durability, quality and reliability between available brands. With our year of experience combined with extensive research, we proudly and confidently recommend the following brands to our clients.