There are a number of alternatives ways in which you can finance the installation of your solar system.

Option 1: Loan

One was of financing your solar system is through a loan. Although you will be paying monthly to service the loan, this additional expense will be offset by the ongoing savings you will archive every month with the reduction in utility costs.

A no deposit loan can be taken out and your monthly costs will be fixed. All other factors such as the installation, energy monitoring and roof warranty are covered by us. Any tax benefits that acre from the installation are directly for your benefit.


Option 2: Cash

If you purchase the system cash you will immediately start to reap the saving benefits of such a system. Again, we cover the roof warranty, installation and ongoing energy monitoring and the tax credits go directly to you.


Option 3: Lease

Achieve a lower, fixed monthly payment and start enjoying the saving benefits immediately.  You can even prepay part or all of the lease in order to enjoy additional savings. As always, we take care of all roof warranty, monitoring and installation issues.


Option 4: PPA

Another zero down option is to go the PPA route. Here you will only pay for the energy produced but at an industry-low rate. The usual cover of installation, roof warranty and energy monitoring applies.

Fees will be subjected to a 0 to 2.9% annual increase. These options will allow you to start immediate savings on your monthly energy costs while doing your bit for the environment by using clean and renewable energy.