Treac takes great pride in their workmanship and professional service. We always aim to provide a world class service and the perfect solution to all our customers.

We are however human and occasionally, things to not go q00% to plan. We take feedback and complaints extremely serious and are grateful to learn from any mistakes we might make and rectify them as quickly as possible.

This section will outline our commitment to service and how we manage and complaints that might arise.


What is a complaint?

Any dissatisfaction or grievance expressed by a customer is taken seriously and we will strive to resolve to get to the root of the problem and resolve the issue as soon as possible. This pertains to our sales process, workmanship, products and performance.


Our complaint procedure

We always strive to resolve the issue as soon after it is reported as possible. Some instance may require further investigation which we communicate clearly with the customer and within five days we will advise them of what will be done to resolve the issue. Keeping the customer updated at all times, we will commit to resoving the complaint in a maximum of 21 working days.

In some instance, it might not be possible to resolve the complaint in the given time due to external factors. If this does occur, we will keep you updated, explaining the reasons for the delays and advise on the revised time schedule.

If for any reason you are not happy with how your issue is been resolved, we will escalate the complaint to company management and review it immedialty.

If you wish to escalate the complaint outside the company, The Clean Energy Council’s can be consulted. Their contact details are provided below.


Contact Us

Should you need to make a complaint or check the progress of a complaint, please contact us on 1300 533 564