Quality solar systems are designed to last for several decades. They have no moving parts, are self cleaning and therefore very low maintenance.

There are a few things you should be doing to maintain the most effective performance and extend the life of the equipment:

Always keep the inverter dust and moisture free.

Watch out for vegetation that might grow over the solar panels.

The LED display on the inverter confirms it is working so check that regularly.

It is recommended that you conduct an annual inspection to confirm everything is working at optimum performance. Please contact us on 1300 533 564 to book an inspection.

Apart from basic cleaning, never attempt any repairs or maintenance yourself, please contact our experience professionals immediately.


System maintenance schedule:

Once a week:

Confirm inverter is functioning

Confirm inverter is recording exported energy.

Every 3 months:

Check for any shading above panels, leaves or other build up, bird droppings and dust.

Every year:

Performance and maintenance check by qualified professional.

All work on your system is must be done by a licensed electrician that is accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Any work done by a third party will void your warranty.

Always ensure the solar system is correctly shut down before any electrical work or other building works which may come in to contact with its electrical cables is done. All warnings must be followed.


Cleaning your system:

While normally self cleaning, dust, debris and bird droppings can accumulate reducing the energy production.

It is recommended to get a qualified person with the correct equipment to do the cleaning.

Never use a high-pressure cleaner or any chemical cleaning product on the surface of the solar panels. All that is needed is plain water and a soft cloth. Ensure all components are kept dry.

Always do the shutdown procedure before any cleaning is done.

If any breakage of the glass face is noted, do not attempt to clean as this could result in electrical shock.