There are number of factors that could cause your electricity bill to fluctuate. Here are a few of the more common reasons for a higher than expected electricity bill:


  1. Estimated meter reads vs actual reads

There is often a discrepancy when estimates are used and then actual readings are taken. The discrepancy will be adjusted for, either up or down. The bill should state if it was an estimated or an actual reading.


  1. Change of meter

Often the old analogue meters are replaced by the new bi-directional meter. This can sometimes result in a change in billing as the new meters are more accurate.


  1. Changes due to weather

It stands to reason that in the extreme colder or hotter months, electricity usage will increase to compensate for the conditions either by heating systems or cooling systems.


  1. Number of appliances in use

Additional appliances will increase electricity usage, as will older, less efficient appliances.


  1. Changes to your household size

Obviously if there are more people in the house for a period of time, usage will increase.


  1. Check your meter number is correct

Always double check the correct meter number is being billed, especially if your meter has been replaced recently.


  1. Check how many days are in the billing period

Double check the actual number of days billed for as these can change from time to time.