Solar Power Optimisation

Excess solar energy produced throughout the day can be sold back to the retailer for a lower rate than consumers would pay. Energy storage systems will allow you to store all excess energy and utilise it during peak times. This will provide a better return on the investment in the system.


Peak Shaving

The majority of energy supplier’s work on/offer a time of use tariff. By using energy storage, you can enable cost savings and purchase power when rates are low and utilising the stored power peak times.


Backup Power

Your energy storage systems can be designed to give you power if an outage occurs. You can decide to run the entire hose (for a very limited time) or configure the system to only provide power to essential appliances and circuits, allowing a much longer duration of supply.

This is ideal in areas prone to regular outages or where essential services such as medical equipment, alarms, Wi-Fi etc need to be on 24/7.


Types of Energy Storage Systems

There are three main options for home storage, namely DC Coupled, AC Coupled and Hybrid. Systems can be retrofitted however it is better to purchase a purchase a hybrid inverter now if you are going for a new system. This will allow for a simple battery connection if and when you require it.

Again, our experienced and knowledgeable experts will be able to advise you on what options would be most suitable for your requirements.