LG Chem RESU 6.4 EX

RESU provides a smart energy option, enabling you to lower your electricity costs by providing intelligent management. It can improve self-consumption generated power as well as providing reliable power in the event of a blackout,

The RESU 6.4 EX is a top quality Lithium Ion battery that provides storage of 6.4kWh energy. LG Chem a well trusted brand and is a leader in Li-ion technology.


Fronius Solar Battery Range

Fronius have revolutionised charging technology for many years and with their new vision for 24 hours of sun, they have included the new charging technology into their Hybrid inverters and developed a storage unit – the Fronius Solar Battery.

This allows Fronius to provide one of the top integrated storage and inverter packages available.

Hybrid solar inverters provide the advantages of both AC and DC coupled solutions. DC enables you to store excess power from the solar panels without converting to  AC. This saves from converting back to AC to store and then to DC to use in your house.

DC coupled solutions can not store energy received from the grid in order to store in batteries to provide power in an outage.

Fronius are the specialists in the hybrid solutions market. The have also added additional features such as multi-flow technology and complete system monitoring, making their Hybrid inverters ideal for home energy.


A battery worth considering

Fronius might not be the most well know name in the industry but they are at the cutting edge of technology boasting many technical advantages. The Fronius Solar Battery, created with LiFePO4 technology, allows for longer life, greater usage and high power density.


Enphase AC Battery

The Enphase Concept Enphase has always taken a modular approach to solar, but the benefits of this concept become more relevant when it comes to storage. Multiple smaller battery packs allow customers to add additional units as and when needed, allowing for great scalability.

Additional battery units are all integrated with their own micro-inverter, so there is no concern over mixing older and newer batteries.

Retrofit, monitor and expand with ease

Enphase has developed Envoy-S Metered which is ahead of its time.

Once fitted, it will allow you to see consumption, production and available storage. It can easily be retrofitted to existing systems. If you need to expand and add additional panels, no problem. You’ll get comprehensive information on your energy usage.

An intelligent battery

The AC Battery from Enphase is ahead of its time. The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO 4) cells manufactured in Japan provide greater cycles, greater life span and safer usage. The Enphase AC Battery comes in compact 1.2kWh units and with their own inverter, making adding additional units simple.  They are lightweight and simple to install.  Having 10,000 cycles means you can easily use them twice a day, doubling the performance of the storage.

Offers more than simply storing excess power.

Enphase allows you to not only store excess daytime power for evening use but also to purchase less expensive power at off peak rates and lower consumption at peak times, giving you double the benefit and double the saving. This is made possible by the Enphase Envoy-S Metered in conjunction with LiFePO4. A more intelligent manner of storage make is twice as effective.


Tesla Powerwall

Another revolutionary solution is the Tesla Powerwall. This battery will store additional power for later use, provide back-up for outages, allow for load shifting as well as additional functions.

It uses lithium-ion battery technology, liquid thermal control system as well as smart software to manage battery charge and discharge from the solar inverter. It is a flexible, wall mounted unit that integrates easily with the grid.

The advantages of selecting Tesla Powerwall

Improve self-consumption of solar power generation – The Powerwall can store additional energy not required at the time of generation and utilise that energy at night.

Load shifting – By charging at off peak times when demand for power is less and discharging at higher peak rate periods when electricity demand is greater.

Back-up power – Provides you power if there is an outage.