Important questions to ask your prospective solar provider

There is no doubt, moving over to solar power is a good move. You will save money as well as being more environmentally friendly. It is a fair investment and it makes sense to do some research first and make sure you are dealing with reputable company providing quality products and workmanship.

Treac have been specialist in the field of solar power for many years and pride ourselves in out quality service. Our many years of experience gives us an edge over many of the other companies offering a similar service.

Here are a few things to consider and check before selecting a supplier:


  1. Are the products supplied from an established Australian-based supplier?


You generally have a 25 year warranty on the product. If the solar company that supplied the equipment goes out of business, you will need to deal directly with the manufacturer.

If they are not represented in Australia it will be very difficult and extremely expensive to try and make a warranty claim. Makes sure the manufacturer of the equipment has an established local footprint. At Treac we only deal with large, well established suppliers that have a committed presence in Australia.



  1. What proof does the supplier have of their quality?

All the companies will promise great quality but how do you know or measure this?  ISO 9001 certification is an independent quality assurance that holds its member to rigorous standards of quality. It is a great indicator of quality. Check to see if they are ISO certified.


  1. Check to see what clients are saying about the company.

This can be achieved with a simple online search on the various forums and company or product review websites. Search the name of the company and see what current and past clients are saying about them. Try websites like Product Review and Whirlpool to see customers opinions and experiences with the company in questions.


  1. Check to see how long they have been using their current product suppliers?

Generally, the longer the supplier relationship and the more solar systems they have installed, the better their experience and knowledge of the products and the better service you can expect.



  1. Ask the supplier in what other ways you could save power in your home?

The main reasons for installing solar power are to become more eco friendly and to save money by reducing your power bills. When they come to advise on solar, ask what other means you could use to save on energy in your home. Watch to see how they look at you hot water system and other electrical appliances. Note if the check how heat efficient your house and your lighting.

What you want to establish is are they genuinely concerned about your energy consumption and carbon footprint or are they simply truing to sell their solar product.A good solar company should take all factors into consideration and provide you with a knowledgeable, total solution.

Treac will provide you with a comprehensive solution to all your energy requirements and will never try and pressure you to sign up immediately. The more research and the better your understanding of the options, the better.


  1. Ask what performance you can expect from their system.

When looking at comparative estimated performance reports, looking at kWh is more relevant than peak kW performance. Request a detailed monthly breakdown of expected kWhs.

The report needs to take into account factors such as system size, location, pitch, orientation and shading. Obviously some months are more conducive to solar production so the report should reflect this as well.


  1. Is the system upgradeable and expandable?

Are your energy consumption needs expected to remain the same in the future or is there a possibility if them changing? It is important to look ahead and consider this possibility and confirm the system will be scalable to accommodate such requirements.


  1. Discuss payment terms?

Payment plans or finance options are available from most solar suppliers. Be very ware of any that call for the full amount to be paid prior to installation. At Treac we have a range of payment options to suit your requirements and budget.


  1. Enquire about additional costs.

Make 100% sure you check for any hidden costs and ask the consultant about and additional charges that could be levied. Ensure everything is in writing and make sure you read it thoroughly. Our quotes at Treac are easy to understand and highlight all costs, with no hidden surprises.

  1. Ask for details of after sales service offered.

Everybody assures you of great support and after sales service but sadly, many to not follow through on this.

Ask for details of their support policy. Check how fast they respond to after-sales queries and find out how their warranty claim procedure works.

Find out if they have their own, in-house service department to deal with any after-sales issues.

Treac has a team of qualified and experienced technicians available at all time to deal with any issue s that might arise. We pride ourselves in providing fast and efficient after-sales service.


Why choose Treac?

Treac is reliable, dependable and professional. We will be there when you need us.